(one of my so-called digital paintings)

It takes one cinematic roll to tell a story, introduce people and create art. People thinks films are all about self-expression of the creator. Once they produce this film they proclaim themselves as artists. But before venturing into thought of becoming the artist. Have you ever thought to be a storyteller first? Film is a way telling people about stories, that possibly make them cringe, fall in love and scared. Film is all about people not for the creator him/herself.  People watch films not to compliment the creator. But the truth is they watch it for themselves, in each roll of the film strip, they are seeking that connection, it can be the story, character or the script.


(another digital painting I made )

 Blame it to technology, people worships the film not for its content but the cinematography, camera techniques, maybe famous stars and so-called out of the box ideas. The film vastly evolves in each time, alongside this evolution is the technology, the latest cameras and editing software can make films visually appealing. Yes technology helps a lot, especially to enhance the films, but it also triggers the film makers to turn stories into an artwork more than a story.


(another artwork I made)

Films unifies people to see themselves, they can be the protagonist, antagonist, the best friend or the love interest. It doesn’t matter where you came from, or how much money you earn, or how you look like. Watching a film is anyone’s little escape from problems and worries. Like this quote “Film making is a chance to live many lifetimes”-Robert Altman, film is a compilation of different people, with different lives and woven in film strips,


(Oil painting I made for my story, Only Love)




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